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What water means to Parks Victoria

What does water mean to Parks Victoria? We spoke with Peter Jenkins, Sustainable Practice Co-ordinator, Parks Victoria, to find out more!

Clean, safe drinking water is a precious resource, and critical to both community well-being and environmental health.

The sources of this essential life ingredient in Victoria are often located in areas managed by Parks Victoria. Major water catchments provide water for the natural environment, landowners, and many thousands of town and city residents.

Keeping these areas clean and free of polluting elements, whether they be human, animal or plant related, is a major aim of Parks Victoria’s management strategy.  The preservation of these natural environments, particularly in Victoria’s National Parks, is providing water of exceptional quality. Melbourne water is considered the most drinkable capital city water in the country.

Melbourne Water manages metropolitan Melbourne water catchments, to manage and protect Melbourne’s major water resources on behalf of the community.  They work closely with Parks Victoria to also manage over 90,000 hectares of national park land.

At the park level, access to clean safe drinking water is an important service for park visitors and an important component of visitor satisfaction.

On a management basis - Parks Victoria is involved with water for a variety of purposes.
• Drinking water for park visitors, camping and accommodation and its offices and depots.
• Irrigation of gardens in parks and reserves,
• Watering of replanted trees and native vegetation projects
• Maintenance of sporting fields and playing surfaces
• Firefighting operations
• Environmental flows for preservation and regeneration of native species

Water efficiency is also an important issue for Parks Victoria. Water efficient taps, showers, toilets and irrigation fittings have been installed and are being used by parks visitors, campers and staff in a variety of parks.

Water tanks have also been installed in some parks to capture rainwater which is then used for a range of uses, subject to health and safety guidelines. Stormwater is captured at Albert Park for irrigation purposes.
Good water quality, whether from a city tap, a stream or river in the countryside, in a dam and reservoir, or in the waters of our bays and coastline, is essential to community and environmental health and well-being.

Parks Victoria strives to maintain the health of the catchments and water environments it manages. It urges the community to join in their quest to keep Victoria’s water, and its waterways, clean and healthy by reducing pollution and wastage.