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What to plant in the West

Meet Rodolfo Maia from Parks Victoria.

Rodolfo is an expert in re-vegetating damaged or barren sites in the west so we asked him what he loves about planting in these areas, and what plant species he might recommend to our community to give us the best chance of success. Due to environmental factors we experience fewer rainfall events in the west than other parts of Melbourne. This presents challenges when it comes to gardening, tree planting and the greening of our parklands.

"I love seeing how revegetation brings back the native character of a damaged site. My favourite re-veg plant is Kangaroo Grass (Themeda triandra), which is wide spread across the volcanic plains west of Melbourne. It’s a native grass that can flourish despite the low rainfall in the West, so it’s very good to use in this area. I like the fact that it is tough but also very attractive, with interesting colour and texture. I’ve used it for re-veg projects in Brimbank Park, and along the Maribyrnong River Trail. I would even recommend using Kangaroo Grass in lawns because once established, the maintenance is minimal, apart from mowing."