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City West Water

Teaching Kids To Be Water Wise

A new year, a new summer. As temperatures increase, we must remind ourselves and our children just how precious our water resources are.

How do we extend our knowledge onto the water savers of the future?

  • Encourage children to drink tap water by using their own re-usable water bottles
  • Create a waterwise garden with the children.
  • Teach children to turn off the tap tightly after each use to stop drips.
  • Tip excess water from drink bottles into the garden rather than down the sink.
  • If you drop ice cubes, don't throw them in the sink. Drop them in a house plant or your garden.
  • Encourage the kids to half flush the toilet, instead of full flush.
  • Remind children to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth and only turn the tap back on for a rinse and clean.
  • Avoid giving your children water toys that require a constant flow of water.
  • Catch rainwater in buckets and use this water on the garden.
  • Use fun songs for children to sing while they wash their hands. The songs can remind kids to turn off the tap while soaping up their hands.
  • Put dishes straight into the dishwasher without a pre-rinse, just a simple food scrape.
  • Sweep instead of shower and use a broom to clean outside instead of a hose.
  • Find a cleaning product that is environmentally friendly and clean floors and surfaces using buckets. Tip the dirty water onto the garden once the job is complete!

And remember to talk to children about water, show them where it comes from and the life that it breathes into nature. Teach them from the ground up and get them amongst it for life!