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Staff Story: Wilma

In our final Staff Story, our Customer Operations Consultant, Wilma, shares her insights into working within a dynamic and fast-paced team...and also shares her incredible Pork Vindaloo recipe!

I have worked at City West Water for 8 months in Customer Service. I take calls from customers every day and I really enjoy the variety of people I get to speak to.

I’m an early starter. I rise at 6.30 every morning and get started on all the school lunches for my family. I have been happily married to Dawson for 11 years and together we have a daughter Adalia who is nine and Nathaniel who is six. Every morning I help them get ready for school and drop them off in time for me to be at work by 10am. It’s always a crazy morning in my household but we seem to always make it to where we need to be on time!

I live in Point Cook and I love peaceful 20 minute train ride to work after I’ve dropped off the kids. I catch up on news online and I read. I get a lot of peace and quiet from reading. I love to read Danielle Steele – the stories allow me to switch off from real life. Even if it is for just 20 minutes!
I pack my own lunch every day – I’ve lost ten kilos in the last six months so I’m really focused on what I eat. I have another five kilos to go. After work I go to the gym. I keep my gym bag with me for motivation and my classes start straight after work. The gym is my space. From the time I wake up I’m doing stuff for everyone else, so it’s nice to do something for me.

In the office I take calls from customers. It’s different everyday because you get different customers calling with varied requests. I get calls from lovely customers who discuss their day with me. It’s important to change how you handle a call – you never know who will be on the other end of the line. You could be speaking to an elderly person who requires a lot of assistance over the phone or you could be speaking with someone who is panicked over a burst water pipe.

It’s surprising how quickly I can adapt to each customer call and change my communications accordingly.
I love my job because no day is the same – every day is different.
City West Water is amazing to work for and with. The company is very supportive and I feel very valued being a part of the team.

I chose this role because it was a challenge. It was a role I had never done before and I like to challenge myself. I had no idea what it would be like and now I feel like I’m a real pro at it.

I love cooking and being with my family. I cook a lot of curries. My favourite is pork vindaloo. This is my go-to dish and I’ve shared the recipe below for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Pork Vindaloo

1 kg Pork Meat diced in small cubes.

12 Kashmir Chillies (you could add less if you do not like it very spicy)

7 medium garlic cloves

10 cloves

10 small peppers/capsicum

1 small cinnamon stick

1tbsp cumin seeds

I tsp turmeric

Star Anise – 2-3 pieces

Sesame seeds- 1tsp

Onion – 1 onion chopped

Brown Vinegar 


 Add all the ingredients in a blender.

 Add 1 cup of brown vinegar and water as required and blend it into a thick paste. 

Add a tbs of salt while blending.

Add the paste to the meat and mix it well. Add some water if you need more gravy and then add salt as per taste and cook it for 5 mins on high flame and then about 25 mins on slow – medium flame.

Enjoy the delicious pork vindaloo once cooled down. 

 Salt and brown vinegar can be added as per taste requirements.

 Have it with steam rice or with bread buns.