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Staff Story:Stefan

This week, we spoke with Stefan, our Team Leader Major Developments to learn more about his background and role at City West Water.

I’ve been City West Water’s Major Developments team leader since 2011. I moved from Wellington, New Zealand to take the job, which was quite refreshing as I was really craving Australian sunshine!
I work on large-scale land development estates. If you ever go into the western suburbs of Melbourne, you can see the massive estates being constructed and it’s my job to make these happen.

I work with a lot of land owners and major national developers who dream of creating a wonderful community with their vast properties. We talk about sub division so that a community can be created and on top of this - dream homes. I provide advice on how to service the land and communities with water, sewer and alternative (recycled) water.
The land development industry is booming at the moment with the hot spot for new estates right now being Wyndham City Council. It’s the fastest growing council area in Australia.

What is the best part of your job?
I’m really lucky that in my job, no day is the same. I get to build stuff, solve problems and simply make things happen. There is no average day. I could be meeting with developers and consultants, negotiating with Melbourne Water or local councils, discussing services and strategies with the planning team, determining the best design with the design services team, visiting sites, and working with contractors. It’s really varied between the hours of 8am to 5pm (usually filled with at least four coffees)!

To wind down I take my two-year-old Airedale Terrier, Poppy, for walks around parklands in Northcote, where I live. We head to Altona beach a lot as well, as she loves to run free!
Melbourne is such a wonderful place to be and we are surrounded by a multitude of great outdoor spaces. In a city situated so close to the water, it’s a good reminder to remember to be careful with your water, don’t waste our precious resource!