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Staff Story: Josephine

Does Josephine call herself a Westie? In this next Staff Story, we chat to Commercial Customer Services Team Leader within our Trade Waste Department.

Do you call yourself a ‘Westie’?
I’ve lived in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne my whole life and I’ve been working for City West Water for the past nine years. I grew up in West Footscray with my three sisters and my surname D’aloia comes from my dad who was born in Naples, Italy. I plan to go there next year!

What is your role at City West Water?
At City West Water I lead a team of commercial trade waste consultants within our Business Customer Services Section. Our job is to assist small and large commercial customers to safely dispose the waste water they generate when they undertake wash-up activities in their kitchens. The type of customers I work with include businesses from small cafes, restaurants to large sports arenas, nursing homes, hotels and shopping centres.
We work with customers to put in place trade waste agreements which permit them to discharge waste water to sewer.  The waste water from cafes and restaurants typically contains fats, oils and grease which have the potential to settle and block our sewers if not correctly managed. The trade waste agreements we issue require customers to install and maintain a fat removal device (commonly called a grease trap) on their site to prevent the fats, oils and greases from entering our sewer system.

What makes you most fulfilled in your role?
The most fulfilling part of my job is watching businesses start from scratch and really flourish - the famous 8bit Burger Bar in Footscray is a great example of this.  When working with 8bit, I really enjoyed tapping into the excitement of the owner as he went about setting up his new business. I couldn’t help getting drawn into the buzz of his new business venture, especially when the owner believed so strongly in his project, not only through his passion but also through seeking assistance from City West Water and the Council - the result speaks for itself!  This is now one of the busiest places in Footscray with queues leading out into the street!

Describe your daily routine
I cannot start a morning without frequenting my local drive through McDonalds coffee on my way to work - the staff not only know me by name but know me by my usual order – skinny cappuccino with three sugars please!  I’m naturally a busy person and find the work day flies by as I am always on the move. I work to respond to every single customer who emails and contacts me as quickly as possible and get a great sense of fulfillment by assisting people to get their businesses up and running. It’s their livelihood and I am here to help them achieve their dreams.
What part of your role do you feel most proud of?
As a female in a leadership role I feel privileged to work at and represent City West Water at Commercial Customer sites. It’s such a great organisation that values its staff and I feel proud to be a part of the commitment in ensuring we maintain an exceptional customer service experience.