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City West Water

Staff Story: Brock

Our first in this new 'Staff Story' series, we sit down with our Customer Compliance Officer, Brock, to learn more about his role, and what inspires him outside of the office.

How did you first start at City West Water?

I began working for City West Water in 2010 as part of a training program called the Technical Officer Development Program (TODP). Over the course of four years, I was able to get hands on experience working within various departments while also completing my studies.
The joy of working with a natural resource such as water, is that it is exactly that – part of nature. This means that every day is a little bit different to the last. I really enjoy the variety of work.

What does your role involve?
My role as a Customer Compliance Officer is both internal and external facing, meaning I get to work with staff at City West Water as well as customers. I currently work on recycled water compliance which can involve everything from soil sample analysis to customer training. Last week, I was working on site doing audits on the West Werribee Dual Water Supply Scheme, today I’m working on reports and budgets.

What are you most passionate about in your role?
When I’m not working, I’m a computer geek at heart – a PC gamer specifically. I’ve been a virtual reality enthusiast since I was a kid. City West Water recently ran a program called the Innovation Fund and I submitted several ideas for virtual reality use in engineering design review, simulation training and community engagement. I was successful in my application and won a spot and now I have funding to pursue these ideas. I’m working on virtual site tours for assets currently and am also involved with VR projects running with Deakin University. I have recently presented an Australia Water Association conference in Tasmania where I was able to talk about Virtual Realities Applications to the water industry and have also been asked to speak at another conference in Melbourne next April.

My wife Jacinta and I have two children, three-year-old Seth (named after my World of Warcraft alias) and a seven-month old daughter, Khaleesi (after one of the main characters in Game of Thrones) and on the weekend, we hang outside catching insects or if the weather’s wild we play computer games.
I also have two dogs and two cats, so the house is very full!

I want to bring a level of education to the community about recycling water and the interesting projects we have including storm water harvesting schemes and treatment plants. There’s a lot to learn from our water sources and I’m discovering something new everyday.