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Smudge Dog Grooming

The first in our 'Water Stories' series, here is what water means to Michelle, the proud Owner of 'Smudge Dog Grooming' in Manor Lakes.

My name is Michelle and I’m the owner of Smudge Dog Grooming, a home based dog grooming salon in Manor Lakes. I work in the business, with my husband Jason and we have been established and operating in Manor Lakes since 2010. I originally started working in my garage, and after two years, I was doing so well that I converted a front room of my home into a salon.

After four years, the business was so successful, I brought my husband into the business to work with me full time, to help with the growing demand of customers. A year ago we started employing our eldest daughter on a casual basis. We’ve continued to grow and succeed, and are now taking on students for their animal husbandry placements, which is something I really wanted to aim for, helping our young people achieve their goals and dreams.

We have been involved with the Wyndham Business Awards for the past six years when I began to enter in 2012. For six consecutive years, we’ve been finalists in our field, and we were honoured to have won our category as Best Home Based Business in both 2014 and 2016. We were also honoured to be selected as a finalist in the new category in 2017, of Excellence in Sustainability. No small feat as only four finalists were selected and all our competitors were major large corporations and manufacturers!

Water is an extremely important resource for us and our business, without it, we could not function. Almost every dog that comes through our doors requires a bath, before drying and grooming. We don’t have a hydro bath as some groomers do, our bath is a hydraulic bath, allowing dogs who cannot be lifted, to enter and exit the bath without incident. We have fitted a water saving attachment to our hose that is set to the perfect temperature every time, and we can alter the temperature depending on the seasons.

Our system is also beneficial as we don’t have to fill the bath. Instead, our system allows us to only use enough water that is required to wet the dog and then rinse between shampooing and conditioning. We can turn it on and off between rinses, and as the temperature is pre set, we don’t have to waste water constantly altering the right temperatures. The dogs get rinsed with fresh, clean water every time they’re rinsed, ensuring a perfectly clean coat as an end result.

If we didn’t have access to clean water, our business simply wouldn’t exist. We would have hundreds of disappointed customers and we would not have local employment, or be able to help young students shine. It’s simple: access to clean running water means existence and success for Smudge Dog Grooming.

If you would like to book in your pooch for a groom, you can find Smudge Dog Grooming at