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City West Water

Rocco's Deli

He’s been in business for 41 years this February, but that doesn’t seem to slow down Rocco of West Footscray’s infamous old school haunt, Rocco’s Delicatessen.

Since 1977, Rocco has supplied locals with the best in local Italian smallgoods, fresh bread, supplies and his notable homemade pasta sauce.

Rocco came to Australia from Italy in 1962 and since then he has called the western suburbs of Melbourne his home. His wife Adriana works alongside him in the shop.

Supplying local produce is important to Rocco. He sources his incredible Italian pork sausages and his delicious bread, known for holding together his iconic ‘Rocco Rolls’, from nearby Altona.

Rocco is also a customer of City West Water and has been since the store opened in 1977. With a counter full of deli goods and fridges full of fresh ricotta, exquisite cheeses, gelato and that homemade pasta sauce, it is important for Rocco to ensure the shop is kept clean and fresh, which you can see as soon as you walk in through the front door, past the iconic door chime.

“We wash the floors at the end of every day. We get a lot of people through the shop and it means we can open the next morning with a clean store,” said Rocco.

You can see the pride Rocco takes in his business. Whilst the laminate floor is old and the wooden shelving worn, the produce is facing the front, packed neatly and respectfully along the four aisles. It’s like a step back in time as you wander each aisle, carefully inspecting each item with curiosity.

“I don’t like to waste water. It’s very precious. But we still have to keep our store clean. I use a bucket to wash the windows out the front twice a week. It’s nice to look out through freshly cleaned windows and see my customers coming in,” Rocco continued.

“I’ve worked with City West Water for over 40 years. They’ve always been very good to me and my small business. We are very lucky to have easy access to such good quality water,” he said.

It’s hard to go into Rocco’s Deli and not come out with an armful of items ready for dinner that evening. If you beat the lunch rush, it’s worth spending the best of your five dollars on a Rocco Roll. Filled with deli meats and homemade pesto, the homemade cut lunch makes you stop and appreciate the small things as you take a moment and watch West Footscray out through those sparkling clean shop front windows.


Photo Credit: Paul Large