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Planting Natives in the West

 Successful musician, green-thumb and long-time 'Westie', Rebecca Barnard talks to us about planting in the West.

What I love about plants is they transport you to another world, where you can be in the moment, they attract birds and create shade and colour.

Plants are important in the West, as in all suburbs, to remind us that mother nature is ever present and has a healing force even if you are not aware of it. Plants brighten up a dreary Street. They lead you down paths you wouldn’t usually walk down. They also reflect a community and what is important to that community.

In the West it is sometimes hard to sustain certain plants that require water so the obvious thing to do is plant drought tolerant plants. There is a misconception where people think all native plants can tolerate not being watered, but I have found that they do need to be watered at least until they are established. The same with succulents. They don’t mind water either.

I don’t waste one drop of water ever ! I love gardenias, they need a good drink in the summer so I scavenge from half drunk glasses of water by the bed and around the house etc.

My Favourite trees are Eucalypts. I remember seeing a red flowering gum  at the age of 4 and it left a huge impression on my little mind. They are majestic and beautiful. They line many Australian roadsides and paddocks and create shade as well as homes for animals. Sadly they are not great for a small suburban garden and that is why I planted this Eucalyptus Caesia. The flowers are stunning, it doesn’t grow too big and the birds love it. It gives me joy every time I look at it!