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City West Water

Mr Tucker

Jacob Stammers, owner of Mr Tucker talks home-made pies and the importance of reliable and safe water supply to his business.

I took over an old neglected bakery in 2017 and kept a lot of the staples including home-made pies, sandwiches, salads and sausage rolls. We have a fantastic pastry chef who produces a lot treats and twists on the classics.

I actually own Pocket Café just a few doors down and have been trading for about four years now. We outgrew the café and the opportunity presented itself to take over the old bakery and recreate it.

You wouldn’t know it, but my professional background is in project management and marketing!

City West Water dropped in one day to visit us while we were starting out our fitout and upgrades. Thankfully, we identified the grease trap needed to be bigger.

While modernising the kitchen, we went above what we needed and changed the 100L grease trap to an 1100L grease trap.

Doing this now allows us to change the business as we grow, without having the need to upgrade again.
Before the upgrade, the kitchen had some blockages and backups, but there have been no issues or bad aromas since the larger trap was installed.

Having access to clean water is vital to our operations and success. As a café we need it for everything, including the filtered water in our coffee, to the food that we make and the dishes that we clean. We can’t do what we do without easy access to water – and City West Water ensures that we get fresh water at every turn of the tap.

Visit Mr Tucker at: 17 Melrose St, North Melbourne VIC 3051