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Gardening with Sparky

Find out what Stephen Spark (father of AFLW legend Lauren Spark) loves about his Taylors Hill garden.

What do you love most about plants/gardening?

Gardening takes me outdoors and I use this time to myself to unwind and zone out from everyday stresses. Plants add colour and structure to the garden, which also allows me to create different types of zones to suit various areas in my garden.

Why are plants important in the west?

Any large tree adds to the look and feel of an area. In the west, it's really important to have plants that help brighten up the suburbs and creates an atmosphere of wellbeing and pride in my local community.

How can/should we sustain plant life in the west considering the lack of rainfall?  How do you do it?

Having lived in the west all my life, I like to choose plants that are known to be drought tolerant, such as natives, Yuccas and Cordylines. Also soil preparation is key to aiding plant growth. What I like to do is add compost, water saving crystals and my secret ingredient is Mixing worm castings and Worm Wee from my worm farm. When I know it's going to rain I often have extra water buckets around to catch excess rainwater.

What is your favourite plant/tree and why?

 My favourite plants would have to be Frangipani for fragrance and Bird of Paradise for colour and the uniqueness of the flower.