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City West Water

1000 reasons to smile

Jill from Footscray made the switch from receiving her bill from paper to email and won. You can too!

Find out more why Jill made the switch.

What made you decide to switch from receiving your bill by paper to email?
Environmentally I like the idea of bills being emailed to me. I did think l might miss paying a bill – although that hasn't happened yet with the bills I receive digitally.

How did you sign up?
I received a bill advertisement inviting me to join and started filling in the form online – but then I had to call City West Water to clarify something so I think the rest of the process occurred over the phone.

Was it an easy process for you?
It was easy – despite having to call, the process was efficient and met my needs.

Do you receive eBills for any other utility/bill accounts?
I get email bills for my phone account.

What do you like about receiving your bill via email?
It’s good to reduce paper where possible. I also worry about security – and bills being used to misrepresent identity when you get them in the post. Email bills gives me more peace of mind.

Were you surprised about hearing you'd won $1000 credit?
I was so surprised that I won the $1000 credit – I’ve never won anything in my life. It’s generous of the company to incentivise this kind of behaviour change rather than charging people for paper bills (as some companies do).

How did it make you feel?
I like the carrot versus stick approach – it makes me feel very positive about the company and its practices.

Would you recommend making the switch from paper bills to eBills for your water account?

What improvements would you like to see in the future from City West Water?
I like the fact they want to consult with the community and to improve on work practices. So many service-based companies appear impersonal – it feels like City West Water is making an effort in the other direction.

Jill was one of our lucky first round eBill winners announced in February 2018 together with:

  • Andi from Tarneit
  • Siqiao from Melbourne
  • and Bill from West Sunshine.

They all made the switch from paper to ebills and won $1000 credit on their bill - enough to pay an average water account for 12 months!

Each winner was randomly selected from over 65,000 eBill registrations during 2 February 2017 and 31st January 2018.

If you haven’t made the switch from paper to eBills already, why not join today and you'll go into the draw for 8 chances to win $1000 credit on your water account. You better hurry though, offer ends 31 July 2018.