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City West Water

Melbourne Airport

Over 28 million travelers pass through Melbourne Airport each year - so what role does water play in keeping the airport running smoothly? We sat down with Melbourne Airport Environment Manager, Nick Walker, to find out more.

How do you use water at Melbourne Airport?

Airport utilities (including water supply, stormwater and sewer networks) are a key part of Melbourne Airport’s operations. The airport provides water to all of its tenants, which range from cafes and restaurants, airline lounges, retail outlets, car parks and offices. We also provide a number of public drinking fountains inside the terminals for travellers and use water in our cooling systems across the airport.

Do you practice water efficiency?

We are proud of the water-efficiency and re-use measures that have been implemented across the airport to minimise our use of drinking water. Some of these measures include rain water harvesting to re-use in our toilets, high efficiency taps, advanced fittings and toilets in all new buildings, and water sensitive urban design elements that treat and capture stormwater.
Melbourne Airport is committed to improving our monitoring of our water usage through tuning of water-intensive cooling systems to maximise their efficiency and the development of an integrated water plan for the entire airport site.

What does access to clean water mean to you and the airport?

Clean water is a critical resource for our travellers, employees, and members of the wider airport community. On an average day Melbourne Airport services almost 100,000 travellers, and we take on a duty of care for everyone that travels through Victoria’s gateway. Clean water is a vital element in supporting the airport’s important biodiversity assets, including the habitat for the federally listed growling grass frog.

We continue to plan and improve our water quality and water cycle management throughout the airport, improving our supply capacity and network reliability.