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Maribyrnong Valley restoration

Meet Greg Hitch from Parks Victoria 

Greg has been involved with many revegetation projects over thirty years, but he says the most challenging and rewarding was the restoration of the Maribyrnong Valley. 

"The restoration of the Maribyrnong Valley required huge numbers of staff, contractors and many Volunteer and Friends groups. The escarpments were cleared of noxious weeds like Boxthorn, Hawthorn and Thistles, and revegetated with local native species from our own nursery, such as Wallaby and Kangaroo grasses, Redgums, Wattles, Bursaria and Dodonaea shrubs. These have stabilised the steep slopes of the escarpments and beautified the Valley and adjoining Parkland. This native vegetation provides a wonderful wildlife corridor and recreation area for all users. My Favourite trees are the River Redgums that follow the meandering Maribyrnong River landscapes."