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City West Water

Accredited consultants and contractors

Need to work on a City West Water asset? You’ll need an accreditation.

As part of our commitment to quality, safety and the environment, if you wish to undertake design or construction work on our assets or you plan to undertake maintenance or surveillance works on our live sewerage assets, you need to be accredited with us. This applies whether works are managed by developers or directly by us.

We have a range of accreditation categories, including some that you might not be aware of. Even if you are already accredited, you might need to check you are accredited in the correct categories. The accreditation system does not cover sewage or recycled water treatment assets nor assets constructed by Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).

Looking for an accredited consultant or contractor?

The following documents list the consultants and contractors who are accredited to perform design or construction work or maintenance or surveillance works on our live sewerage assets. Developers are required to use companies from the lists where designated in our Land or Property development conditions.

Accreditation application process

ARCUS is an online accreditation system being used by all three Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWAs- which includes South East Water and Yarra Valley Water) and some regional water authorities.

This means that a single application can be submitted to gain accreditation to any or all participating water companies. Visit our ARCUS accreditation application video for instructions.

The accreditation process includes the following steps:

  1. Company requests a pre-application web site link by sending an email to: (Please do not send attachments)
  2. Company completes and submits a pre-application. If the applicant meets all of the basic criteria, a participating Water Agency representative will create an application account.
  3. The applicant completes the full application questionnaire, loads all required certificates and documents and submits. The application questionnaire will likely take between a few hours to a couple of days depending on the size of the organisation and the availability of the required documents.
  4. A participating Water Agency will assess the application information and make recommendations to all participating water agencies what accreditation ought to be granted.
  5. Each participating Water Agency makes their own determination on what accreditation will be granted to the applicant and completes the accreditation approvals.
  6. The applicant can view in ARCUS what accreditation approvals have been granted by each Water Agency.

Accreditation FAQs

Accreditation does not cover sewerage or recycled water treatment assets or assets constructed by Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs).

Regardless of whether the Contractor or Consultant is working for a Land or Property Developer or directly for City West Water, all contractors doing one or more of the following will need to be accredited:

  • Design or construction of new assets, or
  • Design or construction for the modification or renewal of existing assets, or
  • Live sewerage system access, maintenance or inspections.

It is important that you have the correct accreditation before you commence work, as CWW may not accept the work if it has been completed by an unaccredited organisation or person.

Descriptions of the accreditation categories are listed in ARCUS and the accredited consultant and contractor lists.

The development conditions or tender documents and contracts for the project will specify the accreditation categories required by the consultant or contractor. If you don’t know which categories are stipulated for a project, contact the CWW project manager for clarification.

Open the accredited contractors list and look for contractors that have SC7, SC8, SC9 or SC10 accreditation. The degree and complexity of construction will dictate which confined space accreditation category is required and this requirement will be listed in CWW’s development or tender/ contract conditions.  
For more information or get in touch with CWW’s Accreditation Officer on (03) 9313 8646 or via email.
You can still submit your tender but you must work to achieve the relevant accreditation categories prior to any contracts being signed. Tenderers will find the tender process less time consuming if they are already accredited.
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