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City West Water

Waste management

Objective: We follow the reduce, reuse and recycle heirachy and continuosly measure for improvement

Our waste management follows the reduce, reuse and recycle hierarchy, and is continuously measured for improvement.

Why waste management is important

Nothing need be wasted. The more you think of waste as a resource, the more value you get out of everything you buy. We work with our contractors and suppliers to manage our waste streams generated from:

  • The construction of new assets.
  • Operation and maintenance of existing assets.
  • Our office activities.

We manage customer wastes that are discharged to sewer. Water is recovered from these wastes for recycling through our integrated water management initiatives. Sewage treatment plants extract biosolids from these wastes and we beneficially reuse 100% of our biosolids.

Through advancements on our existing Sewerage Management programs we are actively exploring opportunities to recover other resources. These include energy and nutrients that can be extracted from sewage.

What we are doing about it

We seek to manage all waste streams in accordance with the waste management hierarchy. We have a number of active programs to avoid, reuse and recycle our office waste. Continual improvement occurs through measurement, reporting, education and training. Over the life of this plan, we aim to extend the learning from our office to our field activities.

Our Waste Management Actions and Programs

To achieve our waste objective we are implementing a range of programs to improve our waste management, including:
  • Implement waste management at new Footscray office
  • Partnering with Sustainability Victoria to assist customers with materials efficiency
  • Staff waste education programs
  • Waste audits
  • Measure operational and construction waste
  • Screening of wastes to enable high value reuse
  • Design and construction of waste facilities at new depots
  • Seek opportunities to recycle construction waste
  • Develop holistic waste strategic plan and future targets
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