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City West Water

Employee benefits

Find out why our employees like working for City West Water

Our head office (Footscray) is located in the heart of a vibrant and bustling community that offers a range of convenient amenities within walking distance of the office.

We also offer a state of the art building close to public transport and a range of benefits that help our employees feel their best, so they can do their best.



City West Water has arrangements with a suite of major health funds to bring you competitive health insurance at corporate prices.

We also recognise contacting health insurance over the phone or at a branch is not always feasible so we bring the health funds to you.

Each year, prior to the April health insurance price hike, we bring our providers onsite and give you the opportunity to organise a one on one personal consultation.

We also offer employees annual flu vaccinations and bi-annual skin checks.

City West Water hosts and encourages employees to take part in programs such as ‘Mindful in May’ and the H30 challenge. 


Work Life Balance and Leave Options

Eligible permanent full time and part time employees have the option to purchase additional annual leave within a 12 month period.

Eligible permanent full time employees also have the opportunity to take part in a 19 day month arrangement.


Caring for Family

City West Water understands the challenge of balancing work and family so we have benefits to support you, including:

  • 14 weeks of paid parental leave for the primary carer.
  • Two weeks of paternity leave for the secondary carer.
  • Pre Natal Leave in addition to parental leave.
  • Availability of a family room in our head office.


Salary Continuance Insurance

The City West Water Group Salary Continuance insurance policy (also known as income protection insurance) will pay a benefit of 75% of salary, excluding superannuation, where an employee is unable to work due to illness or injury.



City West Water supports employees commuting via sustainable modes of transport. City West Water assists this adoption by encouraging and incentivising the use of public transport. CWW offers employees a salary deduction scheme for discounted public transport. Through membership to PTV’s Commuter Club, employees will receive a 10% discount on 365-day Myki card and defer individual annual payment to monthly salary deductions.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employees have access to an Employee Assistance Program where they can talk (phone or in person) with an experienced psychologist about anything that may be affecting their work and personal life.


Social Events

City West Water Social Events is an opportunity to get together as a business. The activities are not part of a structured social club, but rather quarterly events to bring employees from all sites together for fun activities such as a bake off or Lego exhibition.

City West Water also hosts an end of year function for all employees.

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