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City West Water

About us

We are one of three Victorian Government owned retail water businesses in metro Melbourne.

We provide drinking water, sewerage, trade waste and recycled water services to our community of customers throughout inner Melbourne and the western suburbs.


Who we are

We are one of three metropolitan Melbourne's water businesses owned by the Victorian Government.

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What we do

Our core business is the delivery of clean drinking and recycled water to our customers.

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Customer charter

Understand your rights and reponsibilities and our commitment to proving safe reliable water service

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Reports and publications

We have a range of publications that provide useful information for all of our customers.

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Tenders and contract terms

Advice and resources for tendering to City West Water.

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Our customers and stakeholders

Join our online community, Your Say - City West Water, to have your say on our strategies, plans and customer service.

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Our environment

Learn all about our environmental programs and priorities.

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Major projects

Discover what large scale projects are happening around Melbourne.

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A rewarding career + real work life balance = City West Water

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Traditional acknowledgment

City West Water respectfully acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters upon which we work and operate. We pay our deepest respects to the traditional custodians past, present and future. We acknowledge the continued cultural, social and spiritual connections that Aboriginal people have with the lands and waters, and recognise and value that the Traditional Owner groups have cared for and protected them for thousands of generations. We will further develop our partnership with the Traditional Owner groups to ensure their contributions to the future of the water management landscape and to maintain their cultural and spiritual connection.